Report an Accessibility Problem

The websites of Sonoma State University are designed to be accessible to all users and compatible with assistive technology.  As sites, browsers and device technologies change, some accessibility issues may arise.  If you encounter an accessibility issue with any SSU website or digital media, please let us know.  Your feedback helps us to improve our content for all users.

Your problem report will be sent to the Director of Web Services.  It may be shared with relevant departments, such as the department that owns the reported content, Disability Services for Students, Employee Relations and Compliance, the ATI Steering Committee and the Web and Marketing Committee.

Contact Information
Accessibility Problem Details
Please describe the problem you encountered. Provide any details that will help us to identify and address the problem.
Please provide the URL or address of the problem webpage or website.
Please describe the type of computing device you were using when you encountered the problem Platform, OS version, browser or application are all helpful.